Heat Treatment of Metals

Sarlin offers a wide range of both customized furnaces and standard furnaces

The most common furnace types for heat treatment of metals (iron, steel, aluminium, zinc, etc.) are batch furnaces and continuous furnaces. The furnaces may be either electrically heated or fuel-fired, with or without protective gas. The atmosphere may be fixed or controlled by means of an oxygen probe.

Batch furnaces

Batch furnaces are used for all types of heat treatment. Our program covers everything from small furnaces for laboratory use to furnaces with a maximum charge weight of 100 tonnes. Automatic charging equipment on batch furnaces represents a modern solution for simple operation, often without the need for monitoring.

Continuous furnaces

Continuous furnaces are mainly used for light goods when the demands on capacity are high, since the material flow in a continuous furnace is more efficient. These furnaces are often integrated in a production line.