Melting of Aluminium

Sarlin's complete aluminium program

We have further developed our Aluminium Melt-concept to help customers improve performance and productivity, and reduce costs. Our furnaces Alu Melt and Alu-Cent form the core of many die-cast  foundries. Our concept is the best solution when you want efficient melting with gas. There is great flexibility both in terms of layout and melting capacity. Melting and holding are separated, which provides great freedom in terms of layout. Melting capacity is between 400 and 3000 kg/h and the central holding furnaces are available in sizes from 2 to 15 tons.

The advantages of Sarlin's solution are:

  • Customized furnaces to meet customer needs and requirements
  • Very flexible solutions in terms of capacity and layout
  • Several alloys can be melted in one furnace
  • Automatic charging system with interlocks to prevent mixing of alloys
  • Minor slag formation and high yield of material thanks to low oxygen content in the holding furnace
  • Low energy consumption due to the fact that aluminum and burner air is preheated by the flue gases
  • High productivity
  • Automated material handling
  • Safe and environmental-friendly solution
  • Low maintenance costs through a well-designed, simple and robust design
  • Focus on the life cycle cost of the investment, maintenance, energy, slag and labor cost