Central holding furnace for aluminium

Alu‑Cent was designed for use mainly as a central holding furnace in major diecasting foundries, in combination with melting furnaces.

This model can be delivered for gas or electricity and can take melts weighing between 2 and 15 tons. The power allows for quick adjustment of the metal temperature to suitable tapping temperature.

The furnace is solid and mechanically uncomplicated in order to achieve the best possible total economy. Service and maintenance is very easy, requiring only short stoppages. As an example, elements or burners can be exchanged at full furnace temperature without interrupting the operation.

The furnace is very tight, which reduces slag formation and considerably improves raw material economy. Furthermore, this means longer intervals between relinings. Two tapping arrangements on two different levels ensure safe and convenient tapping.

On one side of the furnace there is a charging opening, where the melt from the melting furnace is introduced. The opening is designed in such a way as to prevent the slag from entering the furnace. On the models 6ES and 10ES there is a radar placed on the furnace roof, which is used for level control. These models are also provided with an electronic level panel which can be placed visibly in the hall. There is also an automatic overflow protection, which interlocks the melting furnace charging.

The smaller models in this series are also used as holding furnaces for large diecasters.