Holding furnace for aluminium, mainly for use next to diecasters

By using modern insulating materials the heat loss has been reduced to a minimum. As a result of this, efficient adjustment of the melt temperature can be achieved in spite of the relatively low furnace power. The use of high-quality insulating materials also means smaller overall furnace dimensions. The tight lid results in low slag formation and less need for cleaning. Our designers have striven for easy service and maintenance of the furnace. The heating elements are mounted in the lid and can easily be exchanged without interrupting the operation.

The crucible for Alu‑Hold 800E is available as a spare part. However, exchange of the crucible is seldom needed.

The dosing chamber has been extended to form a snout, resulting in great freedom of choice when placing the furnace next to a diecaster.

As an option we can provide level recording.