Melting furnace for aluminium


Alu‑Melt is a furnace developed to satisfy the growing interest in melting with gas.

To get full advantage of this concept a combination of Alu‑Melt and Alu‑Cent is recommended. The aluminium is hermetically transferred from the Alu‑Melt to the Alu‑Cent, which means savings in cost due to less slag and production without or with only small amounts of fluxing agents. This is also an important environmental aspect. The furnace efficiency is high, due to the fact that both the metal and the burner air are preheated. A total thermal efficiency of more than 55% can be achieved.

The charging is done in batches, which reduces the material handling. Ingots stacked on pallets by the supplier are brought direct into the lifter with a forklift truck, without manual reloading. Thus, the need for operators is minimal.

The sound level is low because the fan equipment is encased in soundproof material.

Our idea to have the melt transferred immediately to a holding furnace with low oxygen content has proven very successful. By the reduction of slag formation the total economy has been greatly improved. Our furnaces have shown that the entire annual gas consumption can be paid off by lower slag formation compared with competing furnaces. However, the prices of aluminium and gas vary from country to country, and our estimate is based on experience from customers in Sweden.

The furnace is solid with a very high reliability. Thanks to automated melting and charging the plant requires a minimum of personnel.

We know that our design is successful. The reason for this, apart from our own know-how, is that we have sounded the market and developed Alu-Melt fully in accord with the signals from our customers.



In our product range we also have reverberatory melting furnaces, mainly for vid gjutning av pressämnen för extrudering av profiler use in the primary or extrusion industry.