Alu-Trans and Trans-Keep

Transport crucible and holding lid for aluminium

Alu‑Trans – Crucible for Transport of Molten Aluminium

Alu‑Trans is a crucible for transport of molten aluminium from melting furnaces and central holding furnaces to the holding furnace placed next to the diecaster. Alu‑Trans can be moved with an ordinary forklift truck. The tilting and lid opening motions are done with hydraulic cylinders connected to the hydraulic system of the forklift truck or with the Alu‑Trans integrated hydraulic unit. The charging and tapping procedures are very easy and can be handled by one person. The forklift need not be moved as the level of the Alu‑Trans decreases.

Trans-Keep – Holding Lid for Alu-Trans

Trans‑Keep is a holding lid that maintains the crucible in the Alu‑Trans at the correct operating temperature when the crucible is not used for transport. The lid is also used for any heating of the crucible. Trans‑Keep is connected direct to the mains without any control equipment and is often suspended stationary where Alu‑Trans is parked when not in use. The Alu‑Trans high-power model, however, is delivered with control equipment. Trans-Keep is delivered complete with lifting chains.