Bogie Hearth Furnaces

The hearth of the bogie hearth furnace is movable and can be run or drawn out of the work chamber for loading or unloading. The bogie hearth furnace is used for tempering, normalizing  (normalization), stress-relief annealing and other heat treatment. The bogie hearth furnaces are often very large and are well suited for heat treatment of very heavy goods.

The furnace door is either liftable or permanently fixed to the end of the bogie hearth. The bogie hearth is normally equipped with wheels that run on rails but a single trac for rollers/casters can also be used. The sealing of the work chamber is relatively difficult and for this reason the furnaces are not used to any great extent for heat treatment under  protective atmosphere.

  • Rugged design for harsh environments (that can withstand hard use)
  • Focus on life cycle cost, low power consumption and low service requirements
  • Innovative solutions for high productivity in terms of heating, cooling and layout