Sarlin partners with with the world-leading burner suppliers

The close cooperation with the world-leading burner suppliers enables us to propose the most suitable burner type based on the specific needs of the customer as well as the application and fuel required. The efficiency of the burner, its function, serviceability and emission of NOx determines the choice of type and supplier. Cost, quality and safety are very important factorsKostnadseffektivitet, kvalitet och säkerhet är mycket viktiga faktorer Sarlin fokuserar på i konceptframtagningen för brännarombyggnationer. When developing a concept for a burner modernization Sarlin focus on cost, quality and safety as being very important factors.

We work with burners with short, long or "flat flame":

  • Cold air burners
  • Hot air burners
  • Recuperative steel burners
  • Recuperative ceramic burners
  • Regenerative burners